Cultural Heritage of  


The Metropolitan Palace (or Marble Palace , as some call it) is an impressive neoclassical palace with carved wooden portals and marble foyers that was built in 1870 and is full of history:


  • Since 1880 its beautiful salons became the best host of aristocratic dances of the Porfiriato, since it was home to Doña Carmen Romero wife of Don Porfirio Díaz

  • During the Spanish Civil War it housed a coexistence center for Spanish immigrants

  • Later it became a refuge for the Jewish community in Mexico

  • When it stopped working as a residential house, it had various uses such as a gym and a cinema.

After a long process of 35 years of restoration, it is now possible to live a unique experience at the Metropolitan Palace.

Imagine all the elegance of the celebrations held during the Porfiriato and transfer this panorama to the celebration of the most anticipated moment of your life, making it completely unforgettable.