Social events

The Metropolitan Palace is the perfect place to celebrate the most important moments.


Hold your event in an atmosphere of history, elegance and exclusivity.

We have different spaces to celebrate weddings , ceremonies, banquetes, we also have a wardrobe and rooms that can be use for the bride or the organizers; in that way you can carry out the event in the best and most comfortable way.

Filmings and Shootings

It is perfect as a location due its beautiful architecture and easily transform into different scenarios.

We have a 100 KW power plant and all the necessary spaces for your activities: lounge for customers, restrooms for the guests and the staff,  a hall for setting up a food area, and rooms that can be use as dressing rooms for main actors, among others.

Corporate events

We have ideal and unique spaces to carry out: conferences, trainings, launches, conventions, corporate celebrations, presentations , among others.

Palacio-Metropolitano-86 MONTAJE.jpg
Salón Eventos culturales y académicos Pa
Cultural y Academics

Our spaces are available for: fairs, concerts, book presentations, exhibitions, among others.


The history of the Palace and the work of art that is the building itself make the Metropolitan Palace the ideal place for any event.

Our different event spaces are also ideal for graduations, trainings, diplomas, courses, conferences, conventions, presentations, among others.